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One unique offer

e-merchant platform
  • 140 countries
  • 28 carriers
  • 1.6 million product references
  • 15 different payment methods
  • After sales service available 7/7
  • 25 000 m²
  • 600 redundant servers

15 years of experience

E-merchant has grown dramatically in the e-commerce sector during these last 15 years.

We have worked with Bouygues Télécom, Carrefour, Sud Express, S.T.Dupont, and with more than 50 world wide major companies …

  • Grosbill
  • Celio
  • Currys
  • Sud Express
  • S.T.Dupont
  • Bouygues Telecom

An applicative ecosystem specifically tailored for e-commerce

e-merchant platform

The applicative ecosystem:

  • A reliable technical platform permitting to ensure business continuity 24/7/365.
  • Integrated application bricks matching business needs throughout the e-commerce value chain.
  • An open, flexible and innovative platform, responding to customers’ needs, easy to fully interface with other systems.
  • A unique tool centralized on multi-channel -, multi-brand – and multi-country management.
  • Continuous innovations.

The teams

Mastering a growing number of specialized business areas is fundamental

E-merchant capitalizes on its expertise and know-how to provide you with a platform, adapted to your structure, and with proven services, allowing you to run your e-commerce activity with new opportunities and realize your full business potential – in France, in Europe and internationally.

Product Management

From the conception phase of your project, we provide and assure a tailor-made support, making sure that your digital strategy is adapted to the needs of your target.

Program Management

Your privileged interlocutors are here to support you when piloting your projects and when developing your day-to-day Internet activity performances.

Technology and general contracting

We guarantee the deployment of your e-commerce activity on a platform, developed by e-merchant, all while respecting the particularities of your structure and your business rules.

Digital agency

With sustained relevance, we gather Ergonomy, Traffic, Webdesign and Integration – four essential business areas covering all of the e-commerce project aspects, and help you out with the formatting of your identity.

Principles and values

Founded on a solid set of principles, e-merchant analyzes and structures the potential of your e-commerce website:

  • The agility of the Internet working procedures and processes is the key to succeeding with your e-commerce activity,
  • The quality of offered services is developed to suit your specific needs,
  • The performance requirement of the team which is actively working to guarantee the success of your Business Model.

The commitment

The entire e-merchant staff works hard every day, for one and only goal : Customer satisfaction. Their aim is to build customer loyalty and to provide confidence for the e-commerce investment. Our teams are caring to your needs, they are always ready to listen, always available and as reactive as possible.

The pioneering spirit

E-merchant has ever since it started always known how to encourage its employees to have an entrepreneurial spirit ; by challenging assumptions and probing each others’ expertise, all to advance the policy process and to create the basis for solutions in practice.

The confidence

Convinced that confidence is the key success factor, e-merchant focuses on long-term sustained relationships with all contributors (customers, partners, suppliers,…) to promote understanding, respect and loyalty.

The performance

With the clear guideline of sustained improvement : e-merchant places the performance in the heart of its business culture. This is reflected on a daily basis in our core business through the capacity to quickly respond to our customers needs at the right time; most important is not to become a leader, but to remain one.

The partners

E-merchant has chosen the best partners of the e-commerce ecosystem to assure its customers with the most relevant payment methods, carriers and traffic sources in each one of the 26 European countries.


From the very start, e-merchant has integrated more than 15 local and international payment methods for its customers. These partners offer a broad range of payment methods (credit card, bank transfer, cheque, cash, cash on delivery, payment in instalments, credit…).


E-merchant collaborates with 28 local and international major carriers; making the delivery of 5 million packages per year possible – worldwide. Our partner carriers offer a broad range of services (standard, express, pick-up stores, stores, evening delivery, two-man delivery, mailbox delivery, WEEE, with a mastery of customs and administration matters, reverse logistics).

Technical infrastructure

The e-merchant technical platform is based on robust materials and technologies; carefully selected to ensure our customers with the best availability.


E-merchant collaborates with more than 400 price comparison websites, 100 search engines, 50 000 affiliated and advertisement partners. We work closely with a qualified local and international partner panel to enhance the visibility of your brand and your promotional offers; all while making sure you get the best return on your investment.

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